69 Years Old David Petterson Shares his 5 Tips for Easy Writing

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Frank Anderwood

I am very happy with what David teached me.
It significantly improved how I write my blog posts.

Alicia Vandermotten

I don’t waste my time thinking too much anymore.
I just follow the steps he teached me and then I get a great article.

The Story Behind the Legend

David is born in 1951 in Canterbury. At the time, it is a small Ton in England.

He lives in a humble family with 5 brothers. His father took part in the Second World War and married with his mother in 1948.

In 1969, he joins University of Kent. At the university, he discovers America and the american dream.

In 1976, he moves to New York for a New life as a journalist and writer.

Now, David Petterson is a Legend at the New York Times Journal thanks to an incredible career.

He is known for many articles that have made the history of the newspaper.

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✅ How to write fast
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✅ Simple method to write winning blog post

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